This Saturday I ran the inaugural Porter's Half Marathon. Against my better judgment I've become a runner of sorts. I've always done a little running on the side. It's good for you and I'm always my leanest when I run. However recently I've been hitting the pavement and trails hard. I've been working to get faster and I do believe it's happened. Two years ago I ran my first half marathon and this Saturday I shaved a whoppin' 30 minutes off my time. When I began I was a really slow runner. Now I'm craving more miles and a faster time. Oye! I need a sport that's easier on my body. My cute running partners and I are already scoping out our next half. I've caught the bug.


pan x 8 said...

Good for you!

Matt, Becka and Anders said...

Emigh you are amazing!! I am running my first half marathon in 2 weeks at Disneyland...I'm still a slow runner but I have built up my endurance so hopefully i won't pass out! I miss all the pics of your family!

Matt, Becka and Anders said...

p.s. what are you wearing on your legs and do they help you to run faster??? i might need some

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